There are 5 Steps from Order to Getting Paid

At each step there is a cost. This can be the purchase of the goods and materials, labour, distribution, advertising, marketing, promotion. Add on the fixed costs to the business and the end selling price covers all the cost and leaves money left as profit.

But what happens if everything you do, remains unpaid because through no fault of your own, your customer goes bust, insolvent, into receivership, bankrupt? All the costs remain as costs to the business.

Those businesses who have Credit Insurance in place do so because
1. They want their insurer to forewarn them of who are the problem customers.
2. Help them grow their business with the creditworthy customers.
3. Avoid customers going bust, insolvent, into receivership or bankrupt.
4. And if the worst case happens, get 90% of the debt paid back to cover the costs.

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