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Domestic Credit Insurance

  • Whole Turnover
  • Work in Progress
  • Specific Account
  • Catastrophe

Export Credit Insurance

  • Whole Turnover
  • Work in Progress
  • Political Risks

Political Risk Insurances

  • Embargo, Contract frustration
  • Non-payment, Non-delivery

Non-repossession, War, Confiscation,

  • Expropriation, Nationalisation,
  • Deprivation, Forced abandonment
  • Unfair calling of On-Demand Bonds
  • Currency inconvertibility

Surety Bonds

  • Surety Bonds, Contract
  • Guarantee/Performance
  • Tender/Bid, Advance Payment
  • Retention, Maintenance
  • S38 Highways Act Bond
  • S18 Sewers Bond
  • Government Bonds

Customs and related bonds including:

  • VAT/Duty Deferment

Travel Industry bonds including:

  • A.B.T.A.
  • I.A.T.A.
  • A.T.O.L.

Supplier Default

  • Cover the effects of a supplier insolvency.

Deferred Consideration Guarantees

Review of Credit Management Procedures

An audit / review of the Credit Control procedures company employs and to highlight any weaknesses.