According to research by Taulia, although late payments gradually declined between 2016 and 2019, that trend has now reversed. According to Taulia’s Supplier Survey, this year over half (51%) of the suppliers polled reported that, on average, they receive payments late from their buyers – up from 50% last year and 36% in 2021. Over a fifth of suppliers receive payments more than thirty days late, and reports of buyers paying more than forty-five days late have also been increasing in recent years, from 3% in 2019 to 8% in 2023 – the highest level recorded since the survey began. At the same time, fewer suppliers are getting paid early by their buyers: The portion of suppliers receiving payment either early or on time has fallen from 56% in 2021 to 44% in 2023. To read Taulia’s news release, with a link to the full report, go to