Atradius’ latest insolvency outlook advises that after a 32% surge in global insolvencies in 2023, it expects a 16% global increase in 2024, followed by a minor decrease of 1% in 2025. However, there is a wide variation in the growth rates across markets, with higher increases in insolvencies in the markets where the adjustment from the artificially low levels of recent years has still to occur (such as Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the US) and decreases in markets where insolvencies have already overshot their pre-pandemic levels (such as South Korea, Ireland, Canada and Finland). Atradius foresees a relatively strong increase in insolvencies in North America (25%), driven by the US. For Europe, Atradius expects a somewhat smaller increase of 12% as the process of normalisation of insolvencies in most European countries is more advanced. To read Atradius’ news release, with a link to the full report, go to¬†