Allianz Trade’s latest Global Insolvency Report notes that in 2023, three out of four countries recorded a rebound in business insolvencies, resulting in a +7% rise globally. Most countries saw a double-digit increase, with rises in the US (+40% in 2023), the Eurozone (+14%), the Netherlands (+52%), France (+35%) and Germany (+23%). In 2024, although Allianz Trade does not expect a tsunami of business insolvencies as recorded in the aftermath of the great financial crisis, it expects the catch-up to be noticeable in several countries – notably, the advanced economies of Europe. The largest increases are expected in the US (+28%), Spain (+28%) and the Netherlands (+31%), with two out of three countries recording insolvencies above their pre-pandemic number in 2024, up from half in 2023. To read Allianz Trade’s news release, go to