Even the best credit control can’t prevent a customer’s business from becoming insolvent, leaving you with an unexpected debt and extra problems with cash flow. For business, the impact of suddenly being exposed to debt could be devastating and can take even large organisations to the brink by starving them of vital funds. This is where the value of Credit Insurance pays off, by providing dedicated protection when you need it most.

Why Credit Insurance?

Put very simply, Credit Insurance protects your business from the risk of financial losses caused when any of your clients become insolvent and can’t pay your invoices, by ensuring that you receive up to 90% of the invoice values owed to you. Credit Insurance can not only cover goods and services invoiced, but also the value of work in progress prior to despatch and many other transactions associated with selling on credit. You’re can be protected whether you trade purely in the UK or overseas.

Simple, hassle free and effective

Why now?

If you’ve already had a customer fail then you will be familiar with the knock on effects it has. With many businesses struggling financially, knowing who is good and creditworthy and who is financially struggling can mean the difference between increasing profits and seeing them reduced.

Credit Insurance – protecting your business when it matters most

What happens next?
The answer to this is simple…
If you have any questions or want to explore and discuss how credit insurance can work for your business, please contact Simon Moulson at Trade Credit Solutions.

If you want a quotation, please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to Trade Credit Solutions.

What’s in it for you?

• Increase turnover
• Trade with profitable creditworthy customers
• Receive early warning of deteriorating customers
• Get your customers financially checked on a regular basis
• Replace 90% of the loss if a customer goes bust

The main point is that your business will be covered by a dedicated policy to help protect your biggest uninsured assets and business when it matters most.