The company specialises, as the name suggests, in the field of Credit Insurance and Political Risk coverage, whilst also responsible for allied financial risk placements such as Surety Bonds.

Our speciality is tailor-making policies to the very individual requirements of each and every one of our clients.

Our strength is our independence. It allows us to operate purely with our client's interest at heart, and our approach encourages innovation and creativity. A solution based approach.

In many cases, we are the first line of contact for a client with a specific or general problem. By using our experience and expertise, we can, together arrange a workable solution.

In certain cases, persuasion and influence by us can lead to the Insurers developing new products or expanding existing operations.

Our clients range from small sole-traders and partnerships through to the large local businesses.

We also work with a number of Insurance Brokers, assisting them and their clients with the setting up, negotiation of Credit Insurance policies and placement of Surety Bonds.

A Broker working with you.


Trade Credit Solutions is the trading name of Trade Credit Solutions Limited

Registered in England and Wales No. 4726474

FSA Registration Number 306453